How Do I Use Klarna On Amazon

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It’s a pleasure to have you here as we explore a hot topic that’s on everybody’s lips these days – integrating Klarna as a payment option on Amazon. In this intriguing guide, you’ll learn precisely how to use Klarna on Amazon, from setting up your account, navigating the checkout process, right down to resolving any issues that will potentially come your way. So ease back and enjoy this journey into mastering an effective and easy-to-use modern payment method!

How Do I Use Klarna On Amazon

Understanding Klarna

What is Klarna

Klarna is a popular Swedish financial technology company that makes online shopping more manageable by offering interest-free installment payments and online banking payments. Basically, Klarna allows you to buy now and pay later, which can be a significant relief if you’re having a tight financial month or want to spread the cost of large purchases.

Benefits of using Klarna for online shopping

There are many benefits to using Klarna for online shopping. One of the most significant benefits is the flexibility it allows you. It lets you spread the cost of your purchases over interest-free installments, simplifying the process of big-ticket shopping. It gives you apparent control over your financial planning, enabling you to manage your budget more effectively. Furthermore, Klarna handles your payments and personal details with utmost security, and their customer service is excellent.

Regions where Klarna is available

As a global payments solution, Klarna is available in various regions across the world. Some of the countries that support Klarna include the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Still, the specific services may vary with each country.

Setting up your Klarna account

Registration process for Klarna

Setting up a Klarna account is pretty straightforward. You only need to go to the Klarna website or download the Klarna app and click on the sign-up button. Then fill out the necessary details and agree to the terms and conditions.

Information required for Klarna set up

For Klarna set up, they will request some necessary personal information like your name, address, mobile number, and email. You also need to provide your date of birth and last four digits of your social security number for identity verification.

How to verify your Klarna account

Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, Klarna will send an email or SMS with a link. You should click on this link to complete verification of your account.

Linking Klarna with Amazon

Why Amazon does not directly support Klarna

Amazon does not directly support Klarna. As one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms, Amazon prefers using its credit card and gift card system for installment purchases. Besides, Amazon has an alliance with credit card companies that may prevent it from entering into similar partnerships with FinTech companies like Klarna.

Other possible methods to use Klarna on Amazon

Although Amazon doesn’t directly accept Klarna, you can still use Klarna indirectly. One of the ways involves using Klarna to buy Amazon gift cards from stores that accept Klarna. You can then use these gift cards to shop on Amazon. Alternatively, you can use the Klarna Ghost Card (a single-use, prepaid card).

How Do I Use Klarna On Amazon

Using Klarna with Amazon gift cards

Buying Amazon gift cards with Klarna

You can use your Klarna app or account to purchase Amazon gift cards from retailers that accept Klarna payments. Once you have bought the gift cards, you can redeem them on the Amazon platform for your purchases.

How to redeem Amazon gift card

Redeeming an Amazon gift card is simple. All you need to do is go to the Amazon website, log into your account, and go to the ‘gift card‘ section. Select ‘redeem a gift card’ and enter the gift card‘s unique code in the provided field. The gift card balance will then be added to your Amazon account, and you can use it for purchases.

Using Klarna Virtual Credit Card on Amazon

Securing a Klarna Ghost Card

A Klarna Ghost Card is a virtual credit card that you can use for online shopping. To secure a Ghost Card, use your Klarna app and choose the ‘Pay later’ function while making a purchase. Consequently, Klarna will generate a Ghost Card, which you can use for your transaction.

How to use a Klarna Ghost Card to shop on Amazon

After generating a Klarna Ghost Card, all you need to do is use the card details as you would do with a typical credit or debit card when shopping on Amazon. You enter the card number, name, expiration date, and CVV just like a physical card.

Understanding Klarna’s ‘Pay in 4’ feature

What is ‘Pay in 4’

‘Pay in 4’ is a Klarna feature which allows you to split your purchase into four equal payments. The first payment is made at the time of purchase, and the remaining three are automatically collected every two weeks from your chosen payment method.

How does ‘Pay in 4’ work on Amazon

Although Amazon does not directly allow Klarna, you can still use the ‘Pay in 4’ feature if you use either the Klarna Ghost Card or buy Amazon gift cards through Klarna. These methods let you use the ‘Pay in 4’ feature indirectly on Amazon.

Exploring other Klarna features for Amazon shopping

Use of Klarna’s ‘Snooze your payments’ feature

Another great Klarna feature is the ‘Snooze your payments’ option. It allows you to delay a payment by 10 days if you need a little more time. As with other features, this one can also be used indirectly with Amazon organizations.

Understanding ‘Pay now with Klarna’ option

‘Pay now with Klarna’ is a feature allowing you to make instant payments with no interest or fees. This feature can be helpful when shopping with vendors that accept Klarna, including Amazon using the Klarna Ghost Card or Amazon gift cards.

Troubleshooting common issues with Klarna on Amazon

Why Klarna is not accepted on Amazon

The main reason why Klarna is not accepted on Amazon could be because Amazon has its payment system, including Amazon Credit Cards and Gift cards, which might conflict with Klarna’s services. Furthermore, Amazon might also have specific partnerships with credit card companies preventing it from accepting other financial service providers.

Other issues faced while using Klarna on Amazon

Outside of payment acceptance, you might encounter issues such as payment failures or denials when using the Klarna Ghost Card or gift cards bought through Klarna on Amazon. If you run into these or any other problems, you should always consider contacting Klarna’s customer service for help.

Klarna alternatives for Amazon Shopping


Affirm is another option for ‘buy now pay later’ services similar to Klarna. Although Affirm is not directly supported by Amazon, some stores that do accept Affirm also sell Amazon gift cards.


Like Klarna, Afterpay lets you split your payments into four interest-free installments, billed every two weeks. However, it’s not directly supported on Amazon. You would have to look for indirect ways to use it, like purchasing Amazon gift cards from Afterpay’s merchant partners.


QuadPay works similarly to Klarna and Afterpay. It’s another ‘buy now, pay later’ solution that, while not supported by Amazon, can be used to buy Amazon gift cards from eligible shops.

Customer experiences and reviews of using Klarna on Amazon

Positive experiences of Klarna users on Amazon

Numerous Klarna users on Amazon have reported positive experiences with Klarna’s seamless and easy-to-use interface. Users have lauded Klarna’s customer support and app for making their online shopping experience smooth, including easy returns.

Negative experiences and issues faced by Klarna users on Amazon

Though Klarna delivers a generally excellent service, some users have highlighted issues. There have been instances where users experienced problems while trying to connect Klarna with Amazon. Some customers have also mentioned occasional payment errors. However, these problems are generally rare, and Klarna’s customer service is always available to help.