How Do I Use Vault Coins In Cod Mobile

Emily Thomas

Are you ready to level up your gameplay in Call of Duty Mobile? If you’ve been wondering how to make the most of your Vault Coins, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll unravel the mystery of using Vault Coins in CoD Mobile and show you how to unlock exciting rewards and boost your progress in the game. Get ready to conquer the virtual battlefield with your newfound knowledge!

Using Vault Coins in COD Mobile

Vault Coins are an essential currency in Call of Duty Mobile that allows players to unlock various in-game items, enhance their gameplay experience, and participate in exclusive events and rewards. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the different aspects of using Vault Coins, from earning them to making the most of their value.

Understanding Vault Coins

Vault Coins are a virtual currency in COD Mobile that can be used to purchase exclusive in-game items, upgrades, and participate in special events. These coins serve as an alternative to COD Points, offering players a wider range of options to invest in their gaming progress.

Earning Vault Coins

There are several ways to earn Vault Coins in COD Mobile. By actively engaging in various in-game activities and events, players can accumulate a substantial amount of coins to utilize for their desired purchases. Let’s explore some of the ways to earn Vault Coins:

  • Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges: By completing the daily and weekly challenges, you can earn Vault Coins as rewards. These challenges often revolve around gameplay objectives, encouraging you to explore different aspects of the game while being rewarded with Vault Coins.

  • Participating in Events: COD Mobile frequently organizes special events where players can earn Vault Coins by achieving specific milestones or meeting certain gameplay requirements. Keep an eye out for these events and make the most of the opportunities to earn more Vault Coins.

  • Leveling up Battle Pass: Another way to earn Vault Coins is by leveling up your Battle Pass. As you progress through the tiers of the Battle Pass, you will be rewarded with Vault Coins, granting you the ability to unlock exclusive items and cosmetic upgrades.

  • Completing Seasonal Objectives: COD Mobile introduces seasonal objectives that offer Vault Coins upon completion. These objectives may range from winning a specific number of matches to scoring a certain amount of kills. By accomplishing these objectives, you can earn Vault Coins and showcase your progress in the game.

  • Unlocking Prestige Rewards: By reaching certain milestones and unlocking Prestige levels, players can earn Vault Coins as prestige rewards. These exclusive rewards are a testament to your dedication and achievements in the game.

How Do I Use Vault Coins In Cod Mobile

Using Vault Coins for Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a highly sought-after feature in COD Mobile, offering a wide array of rewards and items. Vault Coins can be used in various aspects of the Battle Pass system:

  • Purchasing Battle Pass Tiers: If you wish to progress through the Battle Pass quickly, you can use Vault Coins to purchase tiers. By doing so, you instantly unlock the associated rewards and cosmetics, saving you time and effort.

  • Unlocking Premium Battle Pass: Vault Coins can also be used to unlock the premium version of the Battle Pass. By investing Vault Coins, you gain access to an extended pool of rewards, including exclusive skins, weapon sets, and other valuable items.

  • Unlocking Special Rewards: Throughout the Battle Pass, there are specific tiers that offer exclusive rewards. By utilizing Vault Coins, you can unlock these special rewards and add them to your arsenal, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Using Vault Coins for Crates

Crates are an exciting way to acquire rare and epic items in COD Mobile. By utilizing your Vault Coins, you can purchase crates and increase your chances of obtaining better rewards. Here’s how you can use Vault Coins for crates:

  • Purchasing Crates: Vault Coins can be used to purchase different types of crates, each offering a unique set of rewards. These crates may contain weapon skins, character cosmetics, emotes, and other desirable items that can enhance your in-game collection.

  • Unlocking Rare and Epic Items: With each crate purchased, you have the opportunity to unlock rare and epic items. These items are highly sought-after by players and can significantly enhance your overall gaming experience.

  • Increasing Chances of Better Rewards: The more crates you acquire, the higher your chances of obtaining better rewards. Using your Vault Coins wisely can help you maximize your rewards and acquire items that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

How Do I Use Vault Coins In Cod Mobile

Using Vault Coins for Bundles

Bundles are curated sets of in-game items that offer players a comprehensive package of exclusive content. Vault Coins can be utilized to purchase these bundles, unlocking weapon sets, character skins, and other valuable cosmetics. Here’s how you can make use of your Vault Coins for bundles:

  • Purchasing Exclusive Weapon Sets: Bundles often feature unique weapon sets that come with custom skins, attachments, and visual effects. By investing your Vault Coins in these bundles, you can unlock powerful and visually appealing weapons that stand out on the battlefield.

  • Unlocking Character Skins and Cosmetics: Bundles also include character skins, providing players with the opportunity to personalize their in-game avatars. With Vault Coins, you can add visually stunning and rare character skins to your collection, allowing you to stand out among other players.

  • Getting Guaranteed Rewards: Unlike other random reward systems, bundles provide guaranteed rewards. By utilizing your Vault Coins, you can secure desirable items without relying on chance, ensuring that you receive quality rewards every time.

Using Vault Coins for Lucky Draws

Lucky Draws are special events in COD Mobile where players have the chance to obtain rare, epic, and even legendary items. Vault Coins can be used to participate in these draws and increase your chances of acquiring exceptional rewards. Here’s how you can make the most of your Vault Coins in lucky draws:

  • Participating in Special Draws: Keep an eye out for special draws that offer exclusive and limited-time rewards. By using your Vault Coins to participate, you enter the draw and have the opportunity to win rare and highly coveted items.

  • Obtaining Rare, Epic, and Legendary Items: Lucky draws often feature incredibly valuable items that are difficult to acquire through other means. By investing your Vault Coins in lucky draws, you increase your chances of obtaining these rare, epic, and legendary items.

  • Spending Vault Coins Wisely: Lucky draws can be enticing, but it’s important to spend your Vault Coins wisely. Consider the odds, the value of the rewards, and your personal preferences before participating to maximize the potential benefits.

Using Vault Coins for Store Offers

The in-game store in COD Mobile frequently presents players with enticing offers that provide discounted items and limited-time promotions. By utilizing your Vault Coins, you can enjoy these exclusive deals and expand your collection. Here’s how you can make the most of using Vault Coins for store offers:

  • Purchasing Store Offers: The store regularly features attractive offers that include rare weapon skins, character cosmetics, and other value-packed items. By investing your Vault Coins in these store offers, you can easily access exclusive content and enhance your gameplay.

  • Getting Discounted Items: Store offers often feature discounted prices, allowing you to get more value for your Vault Coins. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can save Vault Coins while still acquiring desirable and sought-after items.

  • Availing Limited-Time Promotions: COD Mobile occasionally introduces limited-time promotions, featuring exclusive items or bundles. By utilizing your Vault Coins during these promotions, you can quickly access exclusive content before it disappears from the store.

Using Vault Coins for Item Upgrades

To excel in battles and maximize your gameplay potential, upgrading your weapons and scorestreaks is crucial. Vault Coins can be used to level up your items, unlock attachments, and enhance their performance. Here’s how you can utilize your Vault Coins for item upgrades:

  • Leveling up Weapons and Scorestreaks: Vault Coins can be invested in leveling up your weapons and scorestreaks, allowing you to unlock additional functionalities and enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield. By spending your Vault Coins on these upgrades, you gain a competitive edge in matches.

  • Unlocking Attachments and Upgrades: Upgrades often go hand-in-hand with attachments, providing more options and versatility in gameplay. By utilizing your Vault Coins, you can unlock attachments and upgrades for your weapons and scorestreaks, customizing them according to your playstyle.

  • Enhancing Performance in Battles: By investing in item upgrades, you can significantly enhance your performance in battles. Upgraded weapons and scorestreaks offer improved accuracy, damage, and overall effectiveness, making you a formidable force on the battlefield.

Using Vault Coins for Exclusive Events

COD Mobile frequently hosts exclusive events that offer unique rewards and limited-time content. By utilizing your Vault Coins, you can participate in these events and unlock exclusive items, showcasing your dedication and prowess in the game. Here’s how you can utilize your Vault Coins for exclusive events:

  • Unlocking Prestige Levels: Prestige levels often accompany exclusive events, offering additional challenges and milestones for dedicated players. By utilizing your Vault Coins to unlock these levels, you gain access to prestigious rewards and demonstrate your commitment to the game.

  • Earning Prestige Rewards: Participating in exclusive events often grants players the opportunity to earn prestigious rewards. By utilizing your Vault Coins wisely during these events, you can acquire rare and exclusive items that will be the envy of other players.

  • Showing Off Exclusive Prestige Items: Exclusive events often feature unique cosmetics and items that are exclusively available to those who participate. By investing your Vault Coins in these events, you can acquire items that help you stand out and showcase your participation in the exclusive events.

In conclusion, Vault Coins are a versatile and valuable currency in COD Mobile. By understanding their purpose, earning methods, and various applications, players can make strategic use of their Vault Coins to unlock exclusive content, upgrade their items, and participate in special events. With careful management and wise decisions, players can enhance their gaming experience and showcase their progress in the ever-evolving world of Call of Duty Mobile.