How Do I Use Summons In Elden Ring

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So, you’ve been exploring the vast and treacherous world of Elden Ring, battling fierce enemies and unraveling the mysteries of this highly anticipated game. But have you ever found yourself in a particularly difficult situation, wishing for some assistance? Well, fear not, because this article is here to help you navigate the complex and fascinating world of using summons in Elden Ring. Whether you’re in need of a powerful ally or just some guidance, we’ll guide you through the steps of summoning and unleashing the aid you need to conquer even the toughest challenges. Get ready to discover a whole new level of excitement in Elden Ring as you tap into the power of summons.

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Basic Information about Summons

What are summons?

Summons in Elden Ring are powerful allies that can be called upon to aid you in battle. They are mystical beings, often NPCs or other players, who can join you in your quest and provide assistance in defeating enemies and bosses. Summons can provide additional damage, healing, or defensive support, making them valuable allies in the challenging world of Elden Ring.

How do summons work in Elden Ring?

To use summons in Elden Ring, you must have the necessary summon items in your inventory. These items are typically obtained by exploring the world, defeating enemies or bosses, or completing specific quests or tasks. Once you have the summon items, you can equip them and access the summoning menu.

Where can I find summons in the game?

Summon items can be found in various locations throughout the game world. They might be hidden in hidden areas, guarded by powerful enemies, or rewarded for completing challenging quests. As you progress through Elden Ring, you’ll come across different summon items, each with its own unique abilities and traits. Keep an eye out for opportunities to obtain summons and enhance your gameplay experience.

Requirements and Restrictions

Are there any requirements to use summons?

While summons can be powerful allies, there are certain requirements to use them. Some summons may have level requirements, meaning you need to have reached a certain level or progressed to a certain point in the game to be able to use them. Additionally, you may need to have specific items or fulfill certain prerequisites before you can equip and use summons effectively.

What level or progress do I need to be at to use summons?

The level or progress required to use summons varies depending on the specific summon. Some summons may be available early in the game, while others may require you to progress further and reach higher levels. It’s important to explore and advance through the game to unlock new summons and increase your chances of success.

Are there any restrictions on when and where I can use summons?

While Elden Ring offers a flexible summoning system, there are certain restrictions on when and where you can use summons. Some areas or boss fights may not allow summons, requiring you to face challenges alone. Additionally, summons may have cooldown periods, limiting how frequently you can call upon them. These restrictions are in place to maintain balance and provide a challenging gameplay experience.

How Do I Use Summons In Elden Ring

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Finding and Acquiring Summon Items

Exploring the world for summon items

One way to acquire summon items is by exploring the vast and immersive world of Elden Ring. As you venture through different regions and discover hidden secrets, you may stumble upon summon items tucked away in hidden areas or guarded by formidable enemies. Take the time to thoroughly explore the environments, interact with NPCs, and uncover the mysteries of Elden Ring to increase your chances of finding summon items.

Defeating certain enemies or bosses to obtain summons

Some summons can be acquired by defeating specific enemies or bosses in the game. These adversaries may have a chance to drop summon items upon their defeat. However, these enemies are often challenging and require skill and strategy to overcome. Engage in intense battles, learn enemy patterns, and utilize your abilities effectively to increase your chances of acquiring summons through combat.

Completing specific quests or tasks to acquire summons

Elden Ring features a rich and immersive quest system that can reward you with summon items upon completion. NPCs throughout the game world may have quests for you to undertake, ranging from simple tasks to complex missions. By completing these quests, you can earn summon items as a reward. Pay attention to the needs and stories of the characters you encounter, and embark on quests that resonate with your motivations and playstyle.

Equipping and Managing Summons

Accessing the summoning menu

To equip and manage summons in Elden Ring, you need to access the summoning menu. This menu can typically be accessed from the game’s main menu or through a dedicated button on your controller or keyboard. Once in the summoning menu, you’ll have access to all the summons you have acquired, allowing you to equip and manage them as needed.

Equipping summons in your inventory

In the summoning menu, you can equip summons from your inventory. You’ll see a list of summon items you have acquired, along with their specific abilities and traits. Select the summon you wish to equip and confirm your choice. Equipping different summons allows you to customize your playstyle and adapt to different challenges you may face in the game.

Swapping between different summons

Elden Ring allows you to swap between different summons during gameplay. This feature is particularly useful when facing different types of enemies or navigating different environments. By swapping summons, you can optimize your strategy and capitalize on the unique abilities and traits of each summon. Experiment with different combinations and find the summons that best complement your playstyle.

Managing summon usage and cooldowns

Summons in Elden Ring may have limitations on their usage and cooldown periods. Each summon has a set time period during which they can be active before needing to recharge. It’s important to manage summon usage wisely, as exhausting the summon’s abilities may leave you vulnerable in combat. Keep track of the summon’s cooldown and plan your battles accordingly to maximize the benefits of summoning.

How Do I Use Summons In Elden Ring

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Summoning Allies

How to initiate summoning

Initiating the summoning process in Elden Ring is typically straightforward. Once you have equipped the desired summon in the summoning menu, you’ll need to locate and interact with a summon sign or other specific object in the game world. Interacting with the summon sign will initiate the summoning process and bring your chosen ally into your game world to aid you in battle.

Locating and selecting available allies for summoning

To summon allies, you’ll need to find summon signs scattered throughout the game world. These signs may appear in specific locations or after meeting certain conditions. When you interact with a summon sign, a list of available allies for summoning will be presented. Choose the ally that best suits your current situation, considering their abilities, traits, and your preferred playstyle.

Reviewing ally information and traits

Before confirming a summon, it’s important to review the information and traits of the available ally. Each summon will have a unique set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Understanding these traits will help you make an informed decision and select the ally that will best complement your own skills. Take note of their equipment, spells, and any special abilities they possess.

Confirming the summon

Once you have chosen the ally you wish to summon and reviewed their information, you can confirm the summon by selecting the appropriate option. The chosen summon will then be brought into your game world, ready to assist you in challenging encounters and battles. Engage in effective communication and coordination with your summoned ally to maximize your chances of success.

Summoning Mechanics

What happens when a summon is successful?

When a summon is successful in Elden Ring, the summoned ally will appear in your game world, ready to participate in battles and challenges alongside you. The summon will follow your lead and engage enemies and bosses using their unique abilities and skills. Successful summons can significantly increase your chances of overcoming tough obstacles and emerging victorious in difficult encounters.

How long do summons last?

The duration of summons in Elden Ring varies depending on the specific summon. Some summons may last for a set period of time, while others may remain until they are defeated or you leave the area. It’s essential to make the most of the summons’ presence while they are active, as their assistance can greatly impact your ability to progress through the game.

Can summons be dismissed or canceled?

While summons typically last for a specific duration or until they are defeated, there may be situations where you need to dismiss or cancel a summon. This can be done through the summoning menu or by interacting with a specific object in the game world. Dismissing or canceling a summon will end their presence in your game and allow you to proceed independently. Use this feature strategically when necessary.

What happens if a summon dies during a battle?

In the event that a summon dies during a battle in Elden Ring, their presence will no longer be available. This can significantly impact your ability to overcome challenging encounters, as you will be left to face the remaining enemies or boss alone. It’s important to adapt your strategy and play carefully if you find yourself without a summon, as you’ll need to rely solely on your own skills and abilities to succeed.

How Do I Use Summons In Elden Ring

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Strategies for Effective Summoning

Choosing the right summon for different situations

Elden Ring offers a variety of summons with different abilities and traits. To effectively utilize summons, it’s crucial to choose the right ally for different situations. Consider the enemy types, environmental challenges, and your preferred playstyle when selecting a summon. Experiment with different combinations and adapt your strategy accordingly to maximize the benefits of summoning.

Coordinating attacks and abilities with your summoned ally

When using summons in Elden Ring, coordination and synergy with your summoned ally are key to success. Take the time to communicate and coordinate with your ally, ensuring you both focus on the same targets and synergize your attacks and abilities. This collaboration can lead to devastating combos and increased efficiency in defeating enemies and bosses.

Utilizing summons to complement your playstyle

Each player in Elden Ring has a unique playstyle and approach to combat. When choosing summons, consider their abilities and playstyle, and how they can complement your own. For example, if you prefer to play aggressively, a summon that specializes in defense and healing can balance out your playstyle. Experiment with different combinations to find the summons that enhance your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

Tips for maximizing the benefits of using summons

To maximize the benefits of using summons in Elden Ring, consider the following tips:

  • Coordinate your attacks and abilities with your summoned ally.
  • Use summons strategically in challenging encounters or boss fights.
  • Experiment with different summons to find the ones that suit your playstyle.
  • Prioritize communication and coordination with your summoned ally.
  • Pay attention to your summon’s cooldown periods and manage summon usage effectively.
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each summon to adapt your strategy accordingly.

Multiplayer and Co-Op Summons

How does multiplayer summoning work?

In Elden Ring, multiplayer summoning allows you to call upon other players as allies in your game world. By utilizing the game’s online capabilities, you can interact with other players and invite them to join you on your journey. This cooperative multiplayer experience adds a new layer of excitement and camaraderie to the gameplay, as you and your fellow players can face challenges together.

Can I summon other players as allies?

Yes, you can summon other players as allies in Elden Ring. Through the multiplayer summoning system, you can send invitations to other players, allowing them to join your game world as summons. These summoned players can help you navigate the treacherous landscapes, defeat formidable enemies, and conquer challenging bosses. Take advantage of this cooperative feature to enhance your gameplay experience.

Exploring the possibilities of cooperative summons

Cooperative summons in Elden Ring open up a range of exciting possibilities. Playing alongside other players allows you to strategize, coordinate attacks, and share the burden of challenging encounters. Whether you’re exploring the world together, tackling tough boss fights, or engaging in PvP battles, cooperative summons can provide a sense of camaraderie and adventure that enhances the overall gameplay experience.

Challenges and rewards of multiplayer summoning

While multiplayer summoning offers many benefits, it also presents its own set of challenges. Coordinating with other players requires effective communication and cooperation. Additionally, the difficulty of encounters and boss fights may scale based on the number of players present, adding an additional layer of challenge. However, successfully overcoming these challenges can be highly rewarding, as you share victories and forge connections with other players.

How Do I Use Summons In Elden Ring

Mastering Summon Gameplay

Practicing and improving your summoning skills

Like any aspect of gameplay, mastering summons in Elden Ring takes practice and dedication. Take the time to experiment with different summons, explore their abilities, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Through practice, you’ll become more adept at utilizing summons effectively and optimizing their impact on your gameplay.

Learning from experienced players and guides

To enhance your summoning skills, consider learning from experienced players and guides. The Elden Ring community is rich with knowledgeable individuals who are willing to share tips, strategies, and insights. Engage in discussions, watch gameplay videos, and seek out guides that provide valuable information on summoning. By learning from others, you can gain a deeper understanding of summon mechanics and refine your summoning skills.

Experimenting with different summoning strategies

Summoning in Elden Ring offers a wide range of strategies to explore. Experiment with different summon combinations, approaches, and tactics to find the ones that resonate with your playstyle. By trying out new strategies and adapting to different challenges, you’ll broaden your understanding of summon usage and develop a versatile summoning repertoire.

Mistakes to avoid while using summons

While using summons can be advantageous, it’s essential to avoid certain mistakes that can hinder your progress. Some common mistakes include:

  1. Over-reliance on summons: Relying solely on summons without developing your own skills can leave you vulnerable when summons are unavailable or defeated.
  2. Poor communication: Lack of effective communication with summoned allies can lead to disorganized attacks and a lack of coordination.
  3. Ignoring cooldowns: Failing to manage summon cooldowns can result in situations where you are left without a summon when you need them the most.
  4. Neglecting individual growth: While summons can be powerful allies, it’s important to continue developing your own skills and abilities to ensure self-sufficiency in challenging encounters.

By avoiding these mistakes and focusing on personal growth alongside summoning, you can maximize the benefits and effectiveness of summons in Elden Ring.

Summoning Etiquette and Online Interactions

Respecting other players’ choices and playstyles

In multiplayer summoning, it’s crucial to respect other players’ choices and playstyles. Elden Ring offers a diverse range of approaches and strategies, and each player may have their own preferred style of gameplay. Be respectful and considerate of others, allowing them to play the way they enjoy without judgment or interference.

Proper communication and coordination with summoned allies

When engaging with summoned allies, effective communication and coordination are vital. Use game features such as voice chat or text messages to communicate your intentions and coordinate attacks with your allies. Clear and concise communication can make a significant difference in the success of your cooperative endeavors.

Dealing with toxic or uncooperative summons

Unfortunately, there may be instances where you encounter toxic or uncooperative summons. If faced with such behavior, it’s important not to escalate the situation. Instead, focus on your own gameplay and objectives. Refrain from engaging in negative or harmful behavior, and if necessary, you can choose to dismiss the summon or report their behavior to the game’s support team.

Reporting abusive behavior and contributing to a positive summoning community

To maintain a positive summoning community in Elden Ring, it’s crucial to report any abusive behavior encountered during multiplayer summoning. Most games have reporting systems in place, allowing you to report players who engage in offensive, harmful, or toxic behavior. By reporting such incidents, you contribute to the creation of a safer and more enjoyable summoning experience for all players.

How Do I Use Summons In Elden Ring