How Do I Use Instacart

Emily Thomas

You’ve heard all about Instacart, the online grocery shopping and delivery service that promises to save you time and hassle. It’s a service that’s changing the way you do your groceries and promises to revolutionize your shopping habits. In this helpful guide, we will walk you through every step of your journey with Instacart, from setting up your account to receiving your fresh groceries right at your door. Let’s embark on this convenient journey together!

How Do I Use Instacart

Setting Up an Instacart Account

While setting up an Instacart account, there are crucial steps you need to follow. The online grocery platform is user-friendly and signing up simply involves providing some basic information.

Choosing a username and password

As is standard with most online accounts, you’ll need to pick a memorable username and a secure password when you sign up for Instacart. It’s a good idea to note these down somewhere safe so you can always access your Instacart account. An email address is required as part of this stage, as it will be used for communication and order updates.

Adding your delivery address

Next, you’ll need to add your home delivery address. This is particularly important as it will guide your personal shopper on where to deliver your groceries. Ensure your address is accurate to avoid any issues with delivery.

Setting up payment methods

Finally, it’s time to add your preferred payment methods to your Instacart account. Instacart accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Navigating the Instacart App or Website

Once your account setup is complete, you can explore the Instacart app or website to your heart’s content.

Exploring the home screen

The home screen of Instacart consolidates numerous features in one place for your convenience. It usually displays popular items, the stores available in your location, and other services provided.

Using the search function

When you have specific items to buy, the search function is your best friend. It allows you to input the name of an item and view all the options available from various stores.

Understanding the shopping cart feature

The shopping cart is where you store your items as you shop. You can add or subtract items as you wish and view your subtotal before checkout.

Shopping for Groceries on Instacart

The grocery-shopping experience on Instacart mirrors the physical one, only that it’s more convenient.

Searching for grocery items

The app or website provides a wide array of grocery items to choose from. Simply type in the item you’re looking for in the search box and pick from the results displayed.

Adding items to your cart

After picking your preferred item, click the “add to cart” button. It’s as simple as that. You can always review, add or subtract items in your cart before checking out.

Using filters to narrow your search

To help you save time, you can use filters found on the app or website to narrow down your search. For instance, you can filter by diet (vegan, gluten-free, etc.), by the store, or even by discount offers.

Using Instacart’s Express Membership

For regular users of Instacart, the platform has an Express membership that offers exclusive benefits.

Understanding the benefits of Express Membership

Express Membership pricing is either annually or monthly, and with it, you get free delivery for all orders above $35, lower service fees, and other perks such as priority access to delivery slots.

Signing up for Express Membership

You can sign up for the Express membership easily via your account settings.

Managing your Express Membership

Once you have the membership, you can easily manage it from your account settings, where you can choose to pause it or cancel at any time.

How Do I Use Instacart

Checking Out on Instacart

Before checking out, you should review your cart carefully.

Reviewing your cart

Ensuring all the items you need are in your cart, and also take out the items you may have changed your mind about. Make sure you have met the minimum order amount if your order qualifies for free delivery.

Selecting a delivery time

Next, you’ll pick a delivery slot that works for you. Depending on the demand, available time slots may vary.

Applying promotional codes or discounts

If you have a promotional code or if there are discounts, be sure to apply them before clicking the “Checkout” button.

Tracking Your Instacart Order

Once your order is placed, your shopper starts the task of compiling your items.

Using the order tracking feature

You can always monitor your shopper’s progress via the order tracking feature in the app or on the website.

Understanding order updates

You will be notified via your email on the progress of your order.

Communicating with your shopper

Instacart allows for live updates between you and your shopper. If they have any issue finding an item, they can substitute it or remove it from the cart, depending on your preference.

Receiving Your Instacart Delivery

Finally, after your order has been compiled and paid for, it’s time for delivery.

Preparing for your delivery

Depending on your preference, you can choose a “door-drop” or hand delivery. If you prefer hand delivery, someone needs to be present at the address to collect the groceries.

Interacting with your delivery driver

It’s essential to offer clear entry instructions for the delivery personnel, to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Reviewing your delivered items

Once you receive your items, it’s important to review the delivered items and ensure everything in your list is accounted for.

Dealing with Issues or Problems on Instacart

Instacart is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. However, if issues arise, they are committed to resolving them swiftly and efficiently.

Understanding Instacart’s return and refund policies

Should you receive a wrong item or a product in poor condition, Instacart will offer a refund or exchange.

Communicating with Instacart’s customer service

Instacart offers 24/7 customer support. You can reach out to them via email or phone for help.

Managing order errors or missing items

Missed items or order errors should be reported immediately to Instacart customer service for resolution.

Reviewing and Rating Your Instacart Experience

Your reviews and ratings play a major role in improving the service.

Rating your shopper and driver

By providing honest ratings of your shopper and driver, you help maintain a high-quality service.

Writing a review for Instacart

Leaving a review on the Instacart app or website not only helps improve your shopping experience, but it also helps other customers make informed decisions.

Leaving feedback on your experience

Whether positive or negative, leaving feedback about your overall experience is integral in ensuring unparalleled service delivery.

360 degree insight into the safety and hygiene measures by Instacart

With the global health crisis, safety and hygiene have become paramount and Instacart is keen to prioritize this.

Reflection of safety measures and tips by the company

Instacart provides safety guidelines to all shoppers. They are committed to keeping you and the shoppers safe during every step of the process.

Instacart’s COVID-19 response

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Instacart has limited interaction between shoppers and customers by introducing the “leave at the door” feature.

Hygiene protocol for shopper and delivery personnel

Shoppers and delivery personnel are advised to carry and use sanitizers, wear gloves, and masks to minimize any potential spread of the virus.