How Do I Use Filters On Tiktok

Emily Thomas

Are you ready to ramp up your TikTok game? In this detailed guide, you’ll unlock the secrets to using filters on TikTok. It might seem daunting at first, but with step-by-step instructions, your videos will soon show your personality and creativity like never before. Learn how to apply and experiment with these filters, turning your TikTok presence from basic to fabulous in no time!

Understanding the Basics of TikTok Filters

TikTok, being a popular platform for creating and sharing short videos, offers numerous features to add creativity and fun to your content. Among these are TikTok filters – features that can enhance, modify, and transform your videos and selfies.

Definition of TikTok filters

TikTok filters refer to the visual effects that you can apply to your videos to alter their appearance or mood. These can change the color, lighting, saturation, or even add unique effects to your content, adding a whole new level of interest to the videos you share.

Importance of using TikTok filters

Using TikTok filters is crucial if you want to create engaging and attractive content. They are the secret ingredients that add spice to your videos, making them catchy and appealing, hence leading to more views, likes, comments, and shares. Filters can also help to enhance the mood, set a theme, or convey a certain message in your videos.

Different types of TikTok filters

There are several types of TikTok filters, each designed to create a unique effect. The types range from beauty filters, which are designed to enhance one’s appearance, to effect filters, that can add cool and unique effects to your videos. It’s also possible to create your own customized filters, giving your videos a unique touch.

Getting Started With TikTok Filters

Now that you understand the basics, let’s guide you on how to get started with TikTok filters.

Opening the TikTok App

Start by tapping on the TikTok app on your smartphone to open it. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s available for free on both the App Store and Google Play.

Creating a New TikTok video

To create a new video, tap on the ‘+’ button located at the bottom center of your screen. You can opt to record a new video or upload one from your gallery.

Locating the Filters Option

Once you’ve opened the video editing screen, you will see the ‘Filters’ button located on the right side. Tap on it to access the various filter options available.

How Do I Use Filters On Tiktok

Navigating Through TikTok Filters

Now, let’s walk through how to select your preferred filter.

Types of filters available

When you tap on the filters button, you’ll find an array of filters organized into different categories. Each category represents a specific type of filter, such as ‘Trending’, ‘Portrait’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Vibe’, ‘Food’, and ‘Life’, among others.

Scrolling through filter options

You can easily scroll through these options simply by swiping left or right on the filter bar. Doing this allows you to explore the different filters until you find one that suits your needs.

Previewing filters

Before you decide on a filter, you can preview each one by simply tapping on it. The filter will be applied to your video, allowing you to see how it would look.

Applying TikTok Filters

Once you have chosen your preferred filter, let’s go ahead and apply it.

Selecting desired filter

Tap on the desired filter once more to select it. This action applies the filter to your video.

Applying filter to video

After selecting the filter, tap on the checkmark to confirm your selection and apply it to your video.

Adjusting filter intensity

Moreover, if you find the filter too strong or too weak, you can adjust its intensity by dragging the slider that appears below the filters bar.

How Do I Use Filters On Tiktok

Using TikTok Filters for Existing Videos

In case you would like to add a filter to an existing video, this is how you do it.

Navigating to existing video

First, open the TikTok app and tap on the ‘+’ button. Then, instead of filming a new video, select ‘Upload’, and pick the existing video you want to edit.

Applying filter options

Locate and tap on the ‘Effects’ button, then navigate to the ‘Filters’ section. From here, you can apply your desired filter following the same process we mentioned earlier.

Editing video with applied filter

After applying the filter, use the editing icons on the right side of the screen to make any other edits to your video.

Creating Custom TikTok Filters

TikTok also gives its users the ability to create their own filters.

Introduction to TikTok’s create-your-own filter

This feature allows users to create customized filters, making their videos unique and personalized.

Steps in creating custom filters

To create your own filter, navigate to the filters section, then scroll to the right end and tap ‘Make your own’. From there, you can select the base color and add effects to create your own unique filter.

Sharing and using custom filters

Once you’re happy with your filter, you can save and apply it to your videos. Furthermore, you can share your custom-made filter with other TikTok users for them to use.

Understanding Effect Filters

Applying filters isn’t limited to colors and light adjustment; TikTok also offers effect filters.

Defining effect filters

Effect filters are filters that incorporate special effects into your videos, such as sparkles, glowing effects, or even animation.

Examples of popular effect filters

There are many popular effect filters on TikTok, such as the ‘Bling’ filter for sparkles, ‘Clown’ filter for a comic effect, or even the ‘Cinematic’ filter for a dramatic appearance.

How to apply effect filters

Applying effect filters follows the same process as the usual filters – simply select the desired effect filter and apply it to your video.

Exploring Beauty Filters on TikTok

One of the most popular types of filters on TikTok is the beauty filter.

Defining beauty filters

Beauty filters on TikTok are designed to enhance the appearance of the user. They work by smoothing the skin, adding glow, and sometimes changing facial features such as the eyes and lips.

Examples of popular beauty filters

Some of the popular beauty filters on TikTok include ‘Nature’, which adds a natural glow, ‘Silky’, which smoothens the skin, and ‘Plump’, that enhances the lips.

Using beauty filters to enhance appearance

To use a beauty filter, simply navigate to the beauty filters section and tap your desired option. Remember, while it’s fun to use these filters, true beauty comes from within, and it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin.

Utilizing TikTok Filters Creatively

While TikTok filters can enhance videos, they can also be used to tell unique stories.

Incorporating filters in storytelling

A filter can play a significant role in conveying a message or creating a certain mood. A gloomy filter can indicate sadness, while a bright and colorful filter can depict happiness.

Creating mood with filters

As touched on above, filters have the ability to set a mood. A sunset filter might create a serene and calm ambiance, while a neon filter can convey a more energetic and fun atmosphere.

Experimenting with multiple filters in one video

To add a more dynamic feel, you can also use multiple filters in a single video. This can be achieved by splitting your video into sections and applying a different filter to each part.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with TikTok Filters

Sometimes, you might encounter problems when trying to use TikTok filters.

Filters not showing up

If filters are not showing up, it’s likely due to an outdated app. Hence, ensure your TikTok app is up-to-date.

Filters not working

If a filter isn’t working, try closing and reopening the app, or restarting your device. If it still doesn’t work, it might be because the filter has been removed or is incompatible with your device.

How to update app to fix filter issues

To update your TikTok app, simply navigate to your app store and locate the TikTok app. If an update is available, an ‘Update’ button will appear, which you can tap to update the app.

And there you have it! You can now confidently navigate TikTok filters to create stunning and personalized videos. So go ahead, explore, experiment and add a touch of creativity to your TikTok videos.