How Do I Use Eyeliner

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So, you’ve decided to take your makeup skills to the next level with eyeliner, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Fear not, you’re in the right place to learn the ins and outs of perfecting this beauty tool. The article “How Do I Use Eyeliner” is just for you. It’s going to provide a step-by-step guide not only on how to use eyeliner, but how to use it effectively to enhance your features and make your eyes pop. Get ready to own this game-changing makeup tool and let’s add a touch of glamour to your looks together.

Understanding Different Types of Eyeliner

The first step towards a striking eyeliner look is understanding the different types you can play with. Each type of eyeliner comes with its pros and cons and is designed to fulfill distinct needs.

Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner is a classic choice for beginners and pros alike. Its major advantage is ease of use – you can apply pencil eyeliner almost as easily as you would a standard pencil on paper. It’s also available in a wide variety of colors and is excellent for a smoky, blended, or subtle everyday look. On the downside, pencil eyeliners might need constant sharpening, and they can occasionally smudge and wear off sooner when compared to other alternatives.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner comes in cute little pots that you apply with an eyeliner brush. This type of liner is profound for achieving a dramatic, bold, and smoky look. It’s highly pigmented, stays put for a long time, and is relatively smudge-free. However, applying it needs a bit of technique to perfect. It can also dry out if not used or stored properly.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner gives you the sleekest, most defined line of all types, and is ideal for more dramatic looks like a cat-eye or winged eyeliner. It’s usually available in pen-like applicators or small pots with special brushes. The downside is that it needs precise application, is a bit more difficult to control, and can be tricky to correct if you make a mistake.

Choosing the Right Eyeliner for You

Now that you understand the basic types of eyeliners, how do you decide which one is the right fit for you?

Consider Your Skin Type

Different eyeliners react differently to various skin types. If you have oily eyelids, you would need a product that’s smudge-proof and has a longer stay-on power, like a gel or liquid. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, a soft pencil liner could work best for you.

Think About the Look You’re Going For

Your desired look also dictates your choice of eyeliner. For a casual or everyday look, consider pencil eyeliners. If you’re aiming for a dramatic, intense gaze for a glamorous night out, liquid or gel-based would be best.

Check Product Reviews and Recommendations

Lastly, don’t forget to check out reviews of the products you’re considering. These can give you a great insight into how they work in real life. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or makeup stylists.

How Do I Use Eyeliner

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Gathering Your Tools

Even the best eyeliner won’t be of much use without the right application tools and supporting products.

Selecting a High-Quality Eyeliner

Begin by investing in a quality eyeliner that’s well-suited to your skin type and desired makeup looks. Remember, quality products ensure that your eyeliner doesn’t damage your skin or cause any discomfort while also providing an excellent finish.

Finding the Right Eyeliner Brush

The right brush is crucial when you’re using gel eyeliner pots. A thin brush can help you sketch a precise demarcation, while a shader brush can help diffuse the color if you’re opting for a smoky-eye look.

Keeping Makeup Remover On Hand

Finally, a good makeup remover is a must. Eyeliner can be a little tricky to get completely off, especially the water-resistant versions. A good makeup remover can help avoid dark streaks down your cheeks and even inflammation or infections if particles remain on your skin.

Preparing Your Eyes for Eyeliner

Properly prepping your eyes before application can make your eyeliner glide smoothly and stay on for longer.

Cleansing Your Face

Before applying anything to your skin, ensure it’s clean and free from any oil or dirt. Use a gentle cleanser to thoroughly clean the area around your eyes.

Applying a Primer

Primers are a makeup kit essential – they help your makeup stay on longer and create a smooth surface for application. For eyeliner, an eyeshadow primer helps prevent smudging and extend wear time.

Laying Down a Base of Eyeshadow

Once your primer is dry, an eyeshadow base can be applied. You can go in with a color that matches your skin tone. It creates a clean canvas for your eyeliner.

How Do I Use Eyeliner

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Applying Pencil Eyeliner

Applying pencil eyeliner is generally considered simpler than gel or liquid options, but there are still steps to follow to achieve a flawless look.

Sharpen Your Pencil

For better precision and hygiene, keep your pencil eyeliner sharp. Regular sharpening ensures a smooth application and prevents the growth of bacteria on the pencil.

Find Your Lash Line

Locate your lash line as this is where you want to apply the eyeliner. Applying the pencil anywhere else will not give your eyes the proper definition they deserve.

Draw a Line From the Inner to the Outer Corner

Starting from the inner corner of your eye, trace along the lash line to create your eyeliner look. The thickness of the line depends on your personal preference, from a thin line to a thicker, bolder one.

Blend and Smudge If Desired

To create a smoother or smoky outcome, use a smudge brush or a cotton swab to gently blur your liner.

Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner can provide a super-sharp and crisp look that’s perfect for dramatic eyes or the trendy cat-eye effect. But it requires a little more technique.

Understanding the Precision Required

Liquid eyeliners usually need a steady hand, patience, and precision. Try applying it in small, well-controlled strokes to avoid any wobbly hiccups.

Drawing a Guide Line

Initiate with a light, thin line highlighting your lash line to guide your application. This provides a base to work off for creating an immaculate eyeliner look.

Filling In The Line

After your guide line is ready, start filling it in to determine your eyeliner’s thickness and length.

Correcting Mistakes

Worries of errors should not stop you from attempting. You can always clean up the mess with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

How Do I Use Eyeliner

Applying Gel Eyeliner

The cream-like texture of a gel eyeliner can create both soft and bold eyeliner looks. But how do you apply it?

Loading Up Your Brush

Analyse the quantity of gel you’d need according to your desired look. For a thin line, aim for less product, and for a more intense look, load up more on the brush.

Drawing a Line from the Middle Outwards

This technique helps balance out your eyeliner. Starting from the middle keeps you from creating a line that’s too thick at the inner corner.

Connecting the Lines and Building Thickness

After you have a basic line, you can gradually build up the thickness and length to get your desired result.

Blending for a Smokier Look

If you want a smoky eye effect, very gently smudge your liner with a smudge brush while it’s still wet.

Creating Different Eyeliner Looks

Eyeliner offers endless possibilities to spice up your makeup look – here are a few classics.

Creating a Classic Cat Eye

The cat-eye look involves extending your eyeliner upwards and outwards to form a wing. It’s a classic look that can add some edge to your overall appearance.

Making A Smoky Eye

For a smoky eye look, apply your liner (preferably a pencil or gel one) and then smudge it to create a blown-out, smoky effect. You can use an eyeshadow to deepen the look.

Making a Thin, Defined Line

For a subtle look, draw a thin line close to your lashes using any type of eyeliner. It’s simple, understated and perfect for everyday wear.

Drawing a Double Wing

The double wing involves creating two wings. Draw one line upwards from your top lash line and another one under your bottom lash line. It’s a fun and bold look, especially for party nights.

How Do I Use Eyeliner

Maintaining Your Eyeliner

After managing to create your wanted look, making it stay put throughout the day (and night) is the ultimate challenge.

Keeping Your Eyeliner in Place All Day

To avoid smudging or flaking, always apply a primer before you apply your eyeliner. Additionally, avoid touching your eyes during the day to keep your liner in place.

Retouching Your Eyeliner

If you ever notice that your eyeliner is fading or smudging, you can always retouch it. Keep your eyeliner with you for any quick fixes you might need to do.

Removing Your Eyeliner at the End of the Day

After enjoying a day of your fabulous eyeliner, don’t forget to remove it thoroughly before hitting the bed. Using a gentle makeup remover and a cotton pad or swab, clear off the eyeliner being careful not to pull or stretch the skin around your eyes.

Tips and Tricks for Eyeliner Application

Finally, as you embark on your eyeliner journey and experiment with different looks, here are a few tips and tricks to remember.

Steadying Your Hand

Having a steady hand might be the trickiest part of eyeliner application. To assist, rest your elbow on a steady surface, and if necessary, rest your pinky on your cheek.

Practicing Regularly

Like any other skill, flawless eyeliner application is perfected over time. Don’t get disheartened by a few mishaps. Keep trying, experimenting, and learning from your own experiences.

Customizing the Look to Suit Your Eye Shape

Last, but not least, always tailor your eyeliner look to best suit your eye shape. This would act as a catalyst to even highlight your eyes further. For example, almond-shaped eyes may look best with a thin line, while hooded eyes might benefit from a thicker line or a wing.

And there you have it! Your detailed guide to all things eyeliner. Now, nothing’s stopping you from rocking those stunning eyeliner looks with confidence.