How Do I Use Battering Ram In Civ 6

Emily Thomas

So, you’ve started playing Civilization 6 and you find yourself faced with the challenge of an enemy civilization that has an impenetrable city defense. Fear not, for the solution lies in the powerful Battering Ram unit! This article will guide you through the ins and outs of using the Battering Ram in Civ 6, helping you to dismantle even the strongest city walls and emerge victorious. Whether you’re a seasoned player or completely new to the game, by the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to effectively utilize the Battering Ram and conquer your enemies in Civ 6.

How Do I Use Battering Ram In Civ 6


Understanding the Battering Ram

The Battering Ram is a powerful military unit in Civilization 6 that serves as a siege weapon, specifically designed to demolish city walls and defenses. It is crucial in overcoming the fortified cities of your opponents and expanding your empire. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use the Battering Ram in your conquests, covering its benefits, limitations, building process, strategies, counters, and more.

Benefits of Using the Battering Ram

The Battering Ram offers several advantages for your military campaign. First and foremost, it excels at breaking down city walls, allowing your other units to invade and capture cities more quickly. It reduces the defensive advantage that walls provide and weakens the enemy’s hold on their territory. Additionally, the Battering Ram has a unique ability that grants bonus damage when attacking walls, making it highly effective in breaching city defenses. With the right approach and tactics, the Battering Ram can be a game-changer in your quest for dominance.

Limitations of the Battering Ram

While the Battering Ram is formidable, it is not without limitations. Its primary weakness is that it can only target walls and city defenses; it cannot attack other units directly. This means that it requires the support of other military units to provide protection and eliminate enemy units that pose a threat. Additionally, the Battering Ram has limited mobility, which can make it vulnerable to counterattacks if not properly positioned and supported. Understanding these limitations is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of the Battering Ram in your conquests.

Unlocking the Battering Ram

Required Technologies

To unlock the Battering Ram in Civilization 6, you must research the technology “Engineering,” which becomes available in the Classical Era. Prioritize researching this technology to gain access to this powerful siege unit and strengthen your military capabilities.

Building the Battering Ram

Once you have unlocked the Battering Ram, you can start constructing it in your cities. To build a Battering Ram, you must have an Encampment district, which is another district unlocked through technology research. Constructing an Encampment district allows you to produce and maintain Battering Rams, along with other military units. Keep in mind that building a Battering Ram requires production resources, so consider allocating enough resources to enable the swift production of this unit.

Using the Battering Ram

Deploying the Battering Ram

To effectively use the Battering Ram, you need to deploy it strategically on the battlefield. It is essential to position your Battering Ram within proximity of the enemy city walls while keeping it safe from immediate enemy attacks. The Battering Ram’s bonus damage against walls makes it crucial to focus its attacks on specific enemy cities that are heavily fortified. Prioritize your objectives and select your targets carefully to maximize the impact of your Battering Ram.

Movement and Positioning

As mentioned earlier, the Battering Ram has limited mobility, so proper movement and positioning are crucial for its effectiveness. Plan your route carefully to avoid any unnecessary delays and potential enemy encounters. It is recommended to surround your Battering Ram with protective units, such as melee, ranged, or siege units, to deter enemy attacks and ensure its safety. Utilize terrain features, such as hills or forests, strategically to provide cover and maximize the defensive capabilities of your Battering Ram.

Interacting with City Walls

The Battering Ram’s primary purpose is to demolish city walls, weakening the enemy’s defenses and opening up opportunities for your other units to attack. Once the Battering Ram is within range of the city walls, select it and attack the wall directly. The Battering Ram’s unique ability will grant it bonus damage against walls, quickly breaking them down and creating a breach for your units to exploit. Remember to use the Battering Ram’s ability whenever possible to maximize its impact on the battlefield.

Destroying City Defenses

In addition to targeting city walls, the Battering Ram can also attack other defensive structures within a city, such as fortifications or encampments. These structures often provide added protection to the defending units, making it crucial to eliminate them to gain the upper hand. Coordinate your attacks with other units to maximize their effectiveness and destroy enemy city defenses efficiently. With the Battering Ram leading the charge, you can pave the way for a successful assault on the enemy’s stronghold.

Combining the Battering Ram with Other Units

Melee Units

Melee units are an excellent complement to the Battering Ram. While the Battering Ram focuses on demolishing walls and defenses, melee units can move in and capture the city once the walls are breached. Coordinate your melee units with the Battering Ram to ensure a swift and effective capture of enemy cities. Use the Battering Ram to weaken the enemy’s defenses, allowing your melee units to swoop in and secure victory.

Ranged Units

Ranged units can provide invaluable support to the Battering Ram. While the Battering Ram’s attacks are focused on destroying walls, ranged units can eliminate enemy units that pose a threat to the Ram. Position your ranged units strategically around the Battering Ram to provide cover fire and protect it from enemy counterattacks. The combination of the Battering Ram and ranged units creates a formidable force capable of neutralizing city defenses and capturing enemy territory.

Siege Units

Siege units, such as catapults or bombards, synergize extremely well with the Battering Ram. While the Battering Ram focuses on demolishing walls, siege units can deal damage to both the city walls and any defending units within the city. Use the Battering Ram to break down the walls, making it easier for the siege units to eliminate the remaining city defenses. This combination ensures a devastating assault that can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor.

How Do I Use Battering Ram In Civ 6

Strategies for Using the Battering Ram Effectively

Preparation and Planning

Before deploying the Battering Ram, it is crucial to gather adequate information about your enemy’s defenses. Scout their cities and assess the strength of their walls and defensive structures. Identify weak points or heavily fortified areas that need immediate attention. Plan your attacks carefully, ensuring that you have the necessary support units and a clear objective in mind. Proper preparation and planning are key to using the Battering Ram effectively and efficiently.

Choosing the Right Targets

Not all cities are created equal, and some may pose a greater challenge than others. When utilizing the Battering Ram, prioritize attacking cities that are heavily fortified or serve as strategic strongholds for your opponents. Weaken their defensive capabilities by focusing on cities that will have a significant impact on cutting off supply lines or crippling their military force. By choosing the right targets, you can effectively tilt the balance of power in your favor.

Repairing and Protecting the Battering Ram

While the Battering Ram’s primary role is to attack city walls, it is vital to prioritize its protection and maintenance. Repair any damage inflicted on the Battering Ram during battles, ensuring its continued effectiveness on the battlefield. Keep supporting units nearby to deter enemy attacks and provide cover when needed. The Battering Ram is a valuable asset, and preserving its functionality throughout your military campaigns is essential for achieving victory.

Countering the Battering Ram

Defending Against Battering Rams

When faced with an enemy Battering Ram, it is important to implement defensive measures to protect your city. Reinforce your city walls, increase the number of defensive structures like encampments or forts, and deploy additional defensive units to deter the Ram’s attacks. Use ranged units to target the Battering Ram and eliminate any supporting units that accompany it. By fortifying your defenses and countering the Battering Ram effectively, you can minimize the damage it inflicts on your city.

City Defenses

Utilize all available defensive structures at your disposal. Upgrade your city walls to their maximum potential to make it harder for the Battering Ram to breach them quickly. Consider constructing encampments or forts within your cities to provide additional layers of protection. These structures will absorb damage and delay the Battering Ram’s progress, giving you more time to respond and eliminate it. By fortifying your city defenses, you can withstand the assault of the Battering Ram and deter enemy invasion.

Using Counter Units

Certain units possess abilities or traits that make them particularly effective against the Battering Ram. Siege units, like catapults or bombards, can attack the Battering Ram from a distance, minimizing the damage it can inflict. Ranged units can target the Ram and eliminate any supporting units, weakening the overall effectiveness of the assault. Prioritize the production and deployment of these counter units to neutralize the Battering Ram’s threat and protect your cities.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Battering Ram

Utilizing Terrain and Cover

Terrain and cover play a crucial role in mitigating damage and maximizing the Battering Ram’s survival on the battlefield. Utilize hills, forests, or any other terrain features to provide additional defensive bonuses to the Ram. Position it strategically to ensure it is protected from direct enemy attacks and can swiftly move towards its target. By leveraging the advantages offered by the terrain, you can enhance the Battering Ram’s overall effectiveness.

Coordinating Attacks

To amplify the impact of the Battering Ram, coordinate your attacks with other units. Combine the strengths of melee, ranged, and siege units to mount a synchronized assault on the enemy’s city. Time your attacks strategically, ensuring that the Battering Ram is within range to break down the walls while your other units engage the defending forces. By coordinating your attacks effectively, you can dismantle enemy defenses swiftly and achieve your military objectives.

Upgrading the Battering Ram

As you progress throughout the game, it is essential to upgrade your units to keep up with stronger defenses and new technologies. Upgrading the Battering Ram enables it to deal more damage, survive longer, and possess additional abilities. Invest in relevant technologies and allocate resources to upgrade your Battering Rams whenever possible. By keeping your units up to date, you can maintain their relevance and effectiveness in the ever-changing battlefield.

Battering Ram in Different Game Modes


The Battering Ram is a valuable asset in single-player mode, allowing you to conquer AI-controlled cities more efficiently. Utilize the strategies and tips outlined in this article to maximize the Battering Ram’s potential and dominate the map. Plan your conquests carefully, considering the unique characteristics of each AI opponent’s cities and defensive capabilities. By effectively using the Battering Ram, you can expand your empire and achieve victory in single-player mode.


In multiplayer mode, the Battering Ram becomes an even more formidable tool. Its ability to surprise opponents and breach their defenses quickly gives you a significant advantage over human players. Coordinate your attacks with other players, combining units and strategies to overpower your opponents. However, beware of enemy counter-strategies and adapt your approach accordingly. Flexibility, teamwork, and effective communication are key when utilizing the Battering Ram in multiplayer battles.

Historical Context of the Battering Ram

Understanding Its Real-World Significance

The Battering Ram has a rich historical significance, dating back thousands of years. It played a crucial role in ancient warfare, as it enabled besieging forces to break down city walls and overcome fortified defenses. The Battering Ram symbolized the power and determination of armies seeking conquest. By understanding the real-world significance of the Battering Ram, you can appreciate its role in shaping the course of history.

Evolution and Variations of Battering Rams

Throughout history, the design and construction of Battering Rams evolved to accommodate different military needs and technological advancements. Various civilizations developed their own variations of Battering Rams, incorporating improvements such as stronger materials, more efficient designs, or additional features. From ancient wooden Battering Rams to medieval iron-clad versions, the evolution of this siege weapon mirrors the ingenuity and innovation of different civilizations.


Summary of Battering Ram Usage

The Battering Ram is an indispensable tool for conquering cities and overcoming fortified defenses in Civilization 6. Its ability to demolish city walls and weaken defenses makes it an essential unit in your military strategy. By understanding its benefits, limitations, building process, and effective deployment, you can harness the power of the Battering Ram to expand your empire and achieve victory.

Considerations for Its Implementation

When incorporating the Battering Ram into your strategy, consider its strengths and weaknesses, coordinate with other units, and plan your attacks strategically. Prioritize targets, protect and repair the Battering Ram, and utilize terrain and cover to your advantage. By implementing these considerations, you can maximize the effectiveness of the Battering Ram and pave the way for a successful conquest.